Sunday, August 7, 2011


Estella looks crazy in this photo. She's the one crouching, with her tongue partly out of her mouth. Luna is the one half-standing, lips pursed.

This photo was taken in the Adirondack chair in our front yard. It was taken in the Spring. You can see the bushes blooming popcorn-like blossoms in the background.

At one point this summer, Tallulah (the seven year old) covered this entire chair with words, in chalk. Then she 'painted' chalk covers all over the chair. Then it rained, and all of the lovely pastel colors washed off into the grass. The grass around the base of the chair was sprinkled with fine, multicolored chalk debris.

Just a few days before this photo was taken (by me), the babysitter Rosie had chopped bangs out of the girl's ragged hair. The bangs have just begun to grow out.

We had a long summer. In two days, it's over.

We'll be feeling like that chalk then.

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